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Keynote 1 — Jason Dorsey

The "Gen Y Guy"
Tuesday, March 25: 7:45 – 8:45 a.m. (Room N247)


We're pleased to have the mouth of the Millennials bring his high-energy and comic observations about generational differences to our kick-off session on the first Exhibit Hall day at Pizza Expo 2015. Young enough to call himself a member of Gen Y, Jason Dorsey is equal parts expert on today's workplace dynamics, witty observer of the differences between Millennials and their Boomer parents, and human resources problem-solver.

He gave his first keynote at a national conference at age 20 — while still wearing braces. He's been entertaining audiences ever since with edgy humor that leads to useful recommendations for better managing young staff members and wooing Millennial customers. One thing he always emphasizes: Generations are not a box, but powerful clues that drive measurable results. Clues read properly can generate better leaders, more sales and faster innovation.

Jason will tailor his message to pizza-concept restaurant owners and managers. He'll provide a booster shot of fun and provocative ideas to get you started as Pizza Expo heads into its busiest three days of exhibits, seminars and events.


Keynote 2 — Marc Malnati

Co-owner of Lou Malnati's Pizzerias, Chicago
Wednesday, March 25: 7:45 – 8:45 a.m. (Room N247)


Marc Malnati Lou Malnati's


Perhaps the most recognizable signature in the pizza business belongs to Lou Malnati, who worked in one of the original Chicago deep-dish pizzerias and then opened his own store in 1971. Lou's oldest son Marc, then a recent college graduate, started managing the company with his mother after his father's untimely death in 1978. Now with the addition of brother Rick to the team, the family business has spread the flowing cursive Lou Malnati's logo to 37 pizzerias in the Chicago area while building a catering division and a pizza shipping operation that sends pre-made pies nationwide.

Marc Malnati has been the public face of the pizzerias during this growth. He's appeared on Food Network and Travel Channel shows, once defeating Bobby Flay on his hit Throwdown With Bobby Flay series. In recent months, Marc made a splash for Chicago pizza by going video-to-video with Jon Stewart after the TV personality dismissed the Windy City's deep-dish pizzas during a Daily Show segment. After Marc came calling in New York to dispute the put-down and made his own humorous video spot, Stewart invited the Lou Malnati's owner on the show to call a truce.

Marc will discuss his role in successfully branding Lou Malnati's and describe the company's growth during this keynote that launches Day 2 of the Pizza Expo Exhibit Hall. He was honored as Chicagoan of the Year in 1996 by Chicago Magazine and has helped the Lou Malnati's Cancer Research Fund raise more than $3 million for organizations dedicated to finding cures for cancer. The pizzerias also have been listed among the top places to work in Chicago by both the Chicago Tribune and Workplace Dynamics.


Lloyd Pans
Lloyd Pans