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WHY should I attend International Pizza Expo®?
How much does it COST to attend Pizza Expo®?
What does the FEE INCLUDE?
Are there SPECIAL BADGES for the exhibit hall only?
Can I get a reduced fee if I want to attend the show on only ONE DAY?
Is there anything special for me if it’s my FIRST TIME at Pizza Expo, or if I’m considering OPENING A PIZZERIA?
What are my best opportunities at Pizza Expo to MEET OTHER OPERATORS and discuss issues critical to my business?
Are there any ways beyond the panel discussions and seminars for me to acquire SPECIALIZED INSTRUCTION at Pizza Expo?
What about HOTELS?
Where is the CONVENTION CENTER and which hotel is closest?
Are there special AIRLINE AND RENTAL CAR rates?
May I bring my CHILDREN to the show?
Is my SPOUSE able to enter the show if I am registered?
Will I receive a CONFIRMATION of my registration?
Is the show open to the PUBLIC?

Lloyd Pans
Lloyd Pans