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School of Pizzeria Management (Sunday and Monday Advanced Courses)




Take the Next Step For Your Business With Training From Top Pizza Pros

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Sign up for the School's workshops when you register for Pizza Expo 2015. The workshops run Sunday and Monday, March 22-23, immediately preceding Pizza Expo's Exhibit Hall dates of March 24-26, 2015. To register, return to this site's home page and click "Register Now."

Dear Pizzeria Owners and Operators,

In today’s business environment, the ability to bake the perfect pizza is rarely good enough to operate a profitable pizzeria. Times have changed, and what worked in the past doesn’t always produce success today.

Through the pages of Pizza Today and the seminars delivered at Pizza Expo, we have been in the business of delivering solutions and opportunities to independent pizzeria operators for more than 30 years.

Now we’re pooling our considerable resources to take our knowledge and experience deeper into the market — to help operators and managers who are looking for more personalized assistance and in-depth instruction.You will gain advanced instruction in crucial areas and leave with proven tools to take back to your business.

The school’s courses are designed to give you the tools to grab control of your finances, increase overall efficiency, hire and train the ideal staff, grow into a market leader — and enjoy the freedom to work on your pizzeria not for your pizzeria.

It is my conviction that any course you choose will deliver dramatic results for your business and provide you with a network of peers among your classmates who can help you problem-solve in the months and years ahead.


Pete Lachapelle

President and Publisher,
Pizza Expo/Pizza Today

School of Pizzeria Management Workshops
Sunday, March 22, and Monday, March 23

Advanced-Track Sessions

Sunday, March 22, 1 - 5 p.m.
Workshop 1 FoodCost Pro
Workshop 2 Profits in Your Numbers,
Part I: Saving Dollars and Keeping Score With Your Spreadsheets
Workshop 3 Growth & Expansion,
Part I: Opening a Second or Third Location
Workshop 4 Employee Training & Management,
Part I: Tools for Hiring Staff to Fit Your Workplace Culture
Monday, March 23, 8 a.m. - Noon
Workshop 5 So, You Want to Open a Pizzeria
Workshop 6 Profits in Your Numbers,
Part II: Essential Business Skills for Restaurant Owners
Workshop 7 Growth & Expansion,
Part II, Multi-Unit Expansion and Franchising
Workshop 8 Employee Training & Management,
Part II: Training and Managing Your Staff
Workshop 9 Digital Marketing for Pizzerias


Tom Iannucci"Although I've been making pizza for many, many years, I have finally decided to open a pizzeria on Kauai. I read Pizza Today faithfully, front to back, and I don't miss much. That is why I decided to finally come and experience Pizza Expo.

"I cannot begin to thank you and tell you how great a week that was. Truly, I learned so very much, things of value, things that I will need to take with me in opening a business – insight, advice, practical knowledge and application. The connections I made, the people I met, the food I tasted were all an unbelievable experience. It should almost be mandatory for every new pizza operator to come and attend this Expo."
Tom Iannucci
Kauai, Hawaii

School of Pizzeria Management
Certificate of Completion

Attend any of the Sunday and Monday workshops and receive a suitable-for-framing certificate from the School of Pizzeria Management highlighting your name, the course completed and the date of attendance.