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Special Events

Intermingled with the schedule of seminars, exhibits, panel discussions and networking opportunities are a variety of special events, competitions and chances to have some fun. Look for these exciting events during the three-day show.

Beer & Bull Idea Exchange®

Beer & Bull is undoubtedly the most powerful networking opportunity at International Pizza Expo®. For more than 20 years, this signature event has provided a time and place for friendly conversation and lively debate with fellow pizza operators from all around the world. This year will be no exception. Kick back after the Exhibit Hall closes on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.


International Pizza Challenge ™
The seventh annual International Pizza Challenge™ returns in 2014 with competitions in five divisions: Traditional, Non-Traditional, American Pan, Italian-Style and Gluten-Free. We’re accepting entries in each division. Contestants bring all ingredients needed to make their best pizzas, which are scored by an independent panels of judges. Regional winners in all divisions (except Gluten-Free) will advance to the Final Challenges on Thursday, with the winners claiming 2013 World’s Best Pizza honors. Each first-place finisher will collect prize money — $7,500 for the Traditional and Non-Traditional winners, $4,000 for the American-Pan and Italian-style winners and $2,500 for first in Gluten-Free. See the official International Pizza Challenge page and entry form for all the rules and details.

The International Pizza Challenge is sponsored by the California Milk Advisory Board.

World's Best Pizza Maker
Immediately following the International Pizza Challenge Finals, the winners in each of the four divisions will compete in a mystery-ingredient bake-off for more bragging honors.  One of the four will be crowned World's Best Pizza Maker and collect an additional $5,000.
World Pizza Games®
Beginning with the Individual Event Trials on Tuesday and ending with the Finals on Wednesday evening, the World Pizza Games® will once again bring energy and excitement to International Pizza Expo®. See the official World Pizza Games page for all the rules and the official entry form.

30th Birthday Bash and World Pizza Games® Finals
Mark your calendar now for Wednesday evening, March 26, when we combine the World Pizza Games® Finals with a street party-style celebration of three decades of Pizza Expo. You won’t want to miss the excitement as these pizzaiolo-athletes compete for 2014 honors in the Freestyle Acrobatic Dough Tossing event. That event will be part of action on two entertainment stages, which will be hopping during the Birthday Bash, along with food and drink booths, games, contests and more. Join the fun. It's all free and veryone is invited!
$20,000 MEGA BUCKS Giveaway Contest™
That’s correct – one incredibly lucky attendee is going to walk away with $20,000 in cold, hard cash! And none of this payment-every-three-months-till-you’re-106-years-old stuff either … we give you the check for the total amount. It’s just that simple.