2020 Exhibitor Presentations

We are currently working on our 2021 Exhibitor Presentations. Please check back.

A new feature at Pizza Expo 2020, one exhibitor will host a hands-on demonstration on Friday and Saturday during show hours at the International Pizza Challenge #2 stage area.

Thanks to PizzaCloud, PDQ, California Milk Advisory Board and Pizza e Pasta for sponsoring these demonstrations.

Friday, June 26

  1.  2  – 3 p.m. PDQ Demo: What Your POS Isn’t Doing & What Your POS Provider Isn’t Saying. Speaker/Demonstrator: Larry Fiel, PDQ Signature Systems. POS systems are the lifeblood of restaurant enterprises, yet many of them are anemic when it comes to generating sustained profitability. All too often, the POS vendor over-promises and the POS woefully underperforms.  In this educational session, you’ll learn what your POS isn’t doing and what your POS provider isn’t saying!Topics include:
      • Increasing sales by 18-30%
      • Decreasing tangible expenses, including labor
      • Reducing profit-deterring intangibles such as time and effort
      • Protecting your store, employees and guests from today’s emerging cyber threats
      • Harnessing and understanding “big data”
      • Holistic best practices
      • Pitfalls to avoid

    Larry Fiel is fueled by passion, dedication and an in-depth experience in marketing and technology, Larry has leveraged over 40 years of practical knowledge to help raise the bar for excellence in a variety of industries, including technology, restaurant/hospitality, education and social services. With four academic degrees (including an MBA and MS in MIS), an intuitive understanding of inter-personal relationships and a history of proven success in both business and academia, Larry thrives on educating and mentoring others and making order out of chaos.By exceling in brand creation, development and propagation as well as in strategic marketing, lead generation and marketing communications, Larry has helped foster sustained profitability through increases in revenue and the lowering of both tangible and intangible costs.

  2.  3  – 4 p.m. CMAB Demo: Featuring Chef Thomas Garnick, owner of Brava Pizza Kitchen in Denver, Colorado. Chef Thomas is the Grand Prize Winner of the California Milk Advisory Board’s 2019 Pizza Contest. He will share his philosophy, creativity and experiences at the 202 Pizza Expo!

Saturday, June 27

  1.  2 – 3 p.m. PizzaCloud Demo: Using New Technology to Increase Revenue and Eliminate Outages. Speaker/Demonstrator: John P. Scully, PizzaCloud
  2.  3 – 4 p.m. Pizza e Pasta Demo: R-EVOLUTIONARY PIZZA – Back to the future with Master Instructor Graziano Bertuzzo and Leo Spizziri of Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli. Dipping into the past to reinterpret the future demonstrating a R-Evolutionary pizza for a healthier life style in the new generations.



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