March 4 - 7, 2019
Exhibits Open: March 5, 2019
Las Vegas Convention Center

Customer Engagement

Workshop 5 (Fee: $250)

Increasing Sales Through Customer Engagement
With Clayton Krueger and Eric Shepherd

The best customers are the ones you keep involved with your brand, the loyal folks who give you repeat business and talk up your pizzeria to friends and family. How do you develop and retain these vital spenders and promoters of your brand? Clayton Krueger and Eric Shepherd, marketing directors for standout regional chains in Washington State and Maine, respectively, will hand you the keys to customer engagement. They’ll show you how to mine your POS data and social media for the most fruitful prospects; how to build customer profiles from the data to customize outreach to different diner types; how to conduct the most rewarding (to you) loyalty programs; how to build sales through fund-raisers, contests, “best-of-town” ratings and other avenues; and more.

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Clayton KruegerClayton Krueger
Clayton Krueger is the director of marketing for 9-unit Farrelli’s Wood Fire Pizza. An early adopter of digital and online channels, he has long been in the forefront of the latest customer-building initiatives. Clayton is a regular Pizza Expo speaker and also an authority on traditional pizzeria marketing strategies and tactics.

Eric ShepherdEric Shepherd
Eric Shepherd is the director of marketing and communications at Otto Pizza, headquartered in Portland, Maine, a growing, award-winning regional artisan pizza chain with 12 locations in New England. He has developed a unique approach to brand management, grassroots community outreach and social media marketing to differentiate Otto in a crowded pizza market.