March 4 - 7, 2019
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The Million-Dollar Pizzeria X 3

Workshop 08 (Fee: $250)

The Million-Dollar Pizzeria X 3
With Dan Collier and Glenn Cybulski
Monday, 8 am – 12 pm

There are two pivotal points for small-business owners building a multi-unit pizzeria company: the first store and the third store. Why? With three or more pizzerias you as owner can no longer maintain a personal day-to-day presence at all units or personally oversee the kitchens and all employees. Both Glenn Cybulski and Dan Collier have operated single million-dollar pizzerias and expanded to multiple stores. They’ll show you how to make your first pizzeria a million-plus machine, and then give you the tools to grow more just like it. Covered will be how to train managers, document kitchen procedures for food consistency, brand your look and marketing campaigns, and much more. The workbook you receive will prepare you for that crucial third pizzeria (and the fourth, fifth . . . or 10th) while operating one or two.

Dan Collier


Dan Collier

During 30-plus years in the pizza business, Dan Collier has advanced from delivery driver to multi-unit manager, and from director of operations for 20 units of Rusty’s Pizza to ending his franchise agreement and rebranding as an independent in 2012. He currently co-owns and operates six PizzaMan Dan’s locations in the Los Angeles area and is a regular speaker at Pizza Expo.


Glenn Cybulski

Glenn Cybulski

Chef and pizzeria operator Glenn Cybulski has been involved with four pizza-concept restaurant companies since 2004 and is a graduate of Scuala Italiana Pizzaioli in Caorle, Italy. His responsibilities have run from single-unit operator to CEO of a start-up fast-casual chain.


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More About Dan Collier

Part I – Company Profile

Pizza Dreams, Inc.

dba PizzaMan Dan’s

444 E. Santa Clara St.

Ventura, CA. 93001

Est. 2002

Employees: approximately 100

4 Restaurants (3000-6000 sq. ft.)

One Number Phone Center (10 stations)

Annual Sales $3.5M

S-Corp owner by Dan and Sheila Collier

We are a family restaurant with 50% dine-in, 40% delivery, and 10% take-out. Dine-in customers order at the counter and seat themselves. We have a self-serve beverage bar and salad bar. We take the food to the table, or call the customer’s name on the microphone, depending on how busy we are.

We are a former 10-year franchise of Rusty’s Pizza, changing our name to PizzaMan Dan’s in July 2012.

Part II –Profile: Dan Collier-President

Education: 2 years at University of Rhode Island / no degree

Toastmasters: Advanced Communicator / Advanced Leader

Speaker: International Pizza Expo

My 30 years of pizza is broken down as follows:

• 1982-1983            Delivery Driver

• 1983-1987            Restaurant Manager / Multi-unit Manager

• 1987-2002            D. Operations / Pres. (5-20 restaurants)

• 2002-2012            Franchisee

• 2012                     Independent – 4 restaurants

More About Glenn Cybulski

Consultant, Speaker

Columnist Pizza Today Magazine

World Pizza Champion Team Member

Founding Member of Non Profit “Chef’s Feeding Kids”

Restaurant Experience:

• 1986-1995 Line Cook, American Heart association event cook, Songno Del Mare, Fregene Italy.

• 1996-2004  Co owner of Sonoma Naturals wholesale manufacturer of fine sauces, crackers and spreads, built a 150-store distribution and gained Western distribution through Tony’s Fine Foods. Sold in 2004 to Open retail locations.

• 2004- 2007 Fregene’s Pizzeria, 7 locations throughout Northern California,

• 2008-2010 Clovers Sports Bar Grill,

• 2010-2012 Seasons Pizzeria Sports Bar & Grill,

• CEO, Persona Neapolitan Pizzeria