March 4 - 7, 2019
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Keeping Score With Your Spreadsheets

Workshop 11 (Fee: $250)

Saving Dollars and Keeping Score With Your Spreadsheets
With John and Jacque Farrell
Tuesday, 10 am – 12 pm

Most pizzeria operators don’t know their true break-even point, or have accurate systems to calculate and track it. In this two-hour session, founding partners John and Jacque Farrell of nine-unit Farrelli’s Wood Fire Pizza in Tacoma, Wash., will teach you how to use three very important spreadsheets: a spreadsheet with graph for keeping a history of sales and forecasting future sales; a break-even analysis for your pizzeria; and an effective spreadsheet scheduling tool to help you forecast and control your labor costs. John and Jacque will share their combined 45-plus years of experience in the restaurant industry and provide each person with a thumb drive containing the spreadsheets for use in their businesses. This workshop is a must for those thinking about entering the business or with a few years of pizzeria experience.
NOTE: To get the most out of this workshop, please bring your laptop. John and Jacque will provide a USB flash drive and help you load the files on it so you customize your own spreadsheet data when you return to your business.


John Farrell
After opening his first restaurant, the Huckleberry Inn, in the early 1980s, John Farrell launched five more stores over the next 15 years before entering the pizzeria industry in 1995 with Farrelli’s Wood Fire Pizza, a family-run company now with nine locations. He is the current CEO of Farrelli’s and a storehouse of knowledge about financing, locating and operating pizzerias.

Jacque Farrell
A founding partner with her father, John, of Farrelli’s Wood Fire Pizza, Jacque Farrell helped develop the culture and operational systems at the now 9-unit company. A graduate of the Washington State University hotel and restaurant program, she implemented tools for measuring the financial health of Farrelli’s and for tracking progress with the buy-in of employees.

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Jacque Farrell

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More on Farrelli’s Wood Fire Pizza

Founded in 1995. Currently operating seven Farrelli’s units, a Party Place special events space and a single McNamara’s Pub and Eatery.  When Farrelli’s opened we founded our concept on “quality” with the understanding that, by focusing on making the best products and delivering them with great customer service, our customers would gladly pay for them.  This positioning strategy has also served us well throughout the years, with achievements such as the Independent Pizzeria of the Year Award in 2006 by Pizza Today Magazine,  2007 and 2008 Top Ten Fastest Growing Companies awarded by Business Examiner,  2008 Recipient of the National Whole Grains Wheat Challenge,  2009 Awarded “Healthy Psychological Work Place” as awarded by Washington Psychology, 2010 Washington State Restaurant Association’s recipient of “Good Neighbor Award,”  and 2011 National Restaurant Association recipient for “Good Neighbor Award.” (This national award was awarded in Washington D.C. at the Kennedy Center for our contributions to the military in our neighborhoods. We created a remote Farrelli’s in Iraq to help the troops feel more at home, and in DuPont, Wash., we have two concepts catering to the Joint Base Lewis-McChord.)

Each Farrelli’s has its own unique footprint that is driven by the neighborhood in which it lives.  Our stores average 5,500+ square feet and our designed to have a “family side” and an “adult dining side.”  The stores average 50+ crew members based on the need of the store.  All crew members are able and encouraged to work at multiple locations increasing hour flexibility and internal coverage.  It makes it fun when we open a new store to see crew members from all locations working together.  Our systems have enabled us to maintain consistent product and training from store to store.  We have to date been able to develop all of our leadership internally.

Our sales have been strong since the year we opened; we were used to 10 percent-plus sales growth in same unit sales per year.  We did sustain sales during the economic downturn, but did not have the increase we were used to.  This was a challenge and a blessing at the same time.  It gave us an opportunity as a company to really examine our expenditures and run our businesses with a new sense of economic urgency.   Our leadership team and crew rose to the challenge, enlightening us to a new era of economic responsibility.   We’re happy to report that since 2012 sales are growing again and we’re now at $14 million-plus in sales.

Our position is that the School of Pizzeria Management will help to teach you that a sustainable pizzeria company is no accident; it requires discipline, implementation and the commitment to evolving within the economic climate.