March 4 - 7, 2019
Exhibits Open: March 5, 2019
Las Vegas Convention Center

Two-Day Restaurant MBA, Part I

Workshop 2 (Fee: $250)

Essential Business Skills — Proven Ways to Build Sales, Reduce Costs and Improve Your Profits

With Jim Laube

There’s more to operating a restaurant than great food, friendly service and loyal customers. Restaurant operators also need solid business skills to control costs, maximize profitability and make sound business decisions. Many owners haven’t developed the skills and know-how needed to turn their restaurants into successful businesses. This workshop will provide you with practical, proven insights and tools to dramatically improve your ability to manage the financial or business aspects of your pizzeria. Under the instruction of experienced restaurant-business consultant Jim Laube, you’ll learn how to implement practical, easy-to-understand systems and apply techniques to get a complete picture of how your restaurant is performing. With the skills you develop in this workshop, you’ll understand how to build a more profitable and valuable business.

Jim Laube

Jim Laube is the founder and CEO of, an online provider of systems, business management and leadership resources for independent restaurant operators. He previously held positions as a restaurant manager, controller and CFO for a regional restaurant chain. Then for 15 years Jim practiced as an independent advisor and CPA to independent restaurant organizations, working primarily in the areas of financial management, internal controls, development of operating procedures and enhancing profitability. He is a highly regarded speaker and trainer whose clients have included Papa John’s, KFC, Red Lobster and numerous independent and small chain restaurant companies.

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“One of my big takeaways was that chain restaurants have higher profit margins than independents like us because they put all of these systems and measures into place. We’re implementing more and more of what I learned in the Morris_Testimonyworkshop, starting with inventory management.”

Jennie Dobbs
Morris East, Halifax Nova Scotia



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