March 4 - 7, 2019
Exhibits Open: March 5, 2019
Las Vegas Convention Center

Restaurant Business Essentials

Workshop 02 (Fee $250)

Restaurant Business Essentials, Part I: Critical Systems for Success
With David Scott Peters
Sunday, 1 – 5 pm

You’ve heard the saying, “Great leaders aren’t born, they’re made.” But here’s the rest of story: Great leaders are made by great systems. Proper systems force valuable communications among staff and ensure profitability. They enable a restaurant owner to control operations even when they are not in sight and to be perceived as great leaders. In this first part of Restaurant Business Essentials, David Scott Peters, founder of, will help attendees identify who they are as restaurant owners or managers, and how to communicate and lead their teams. Included will be tools to define and hold up your company culture; checklists for clearly defining your expectations; secrets to holding your management team accountable; and other useful methods for building profitable systems.

Included will be:

• How systems play a role in effective leadership

• The tools to define and hold up your company culture

• Why budgets are a critical tool to communication

• How to use checklists to clearly define your expectations

• How follow-up builds trust and confidence in leadership and employees

• How to delegate successfully

• The secrets to holding your management team accountable

• The most important weekly report

BONUS: Free access to Budget Creator Pro online budgeting software and various checklist templates via digital delivery.


Workshop 06 (Fee $250)

Restaurant Business Essentials, Part II: Quick-Start Guide to Controlling Your Food and Labor Costs
With David Scott Peters
Monday, 8 am – 12 pm

Operating a restaurant has not changed much fundamentally in the past 50 years, but running a profitable restaurant has. In this second part of Restaurant Business Essentials, experienced industry consultant David Scott Peters, founder of, will show you how to manage and control two of your biggest expenses: food and labor costs. This information-packed workshop will cover how to look deeper into these costs to take back control of your expenses and improve your bottom line. He’ll give you the formulas for finding your pizzeria’s true costs by category and then lowering them. You’ll also learn how to avoid profit-draining labor practices; how to cost out your recipes and maximize the amount you make on each item; how to see where employees working more than one position have the most potential for time-clock abuse; and how to identify other ways to control your biggest costs.

Included will be:

• How to begin to make more money with the menu you currently have

• How to turn the product on your shelves into cash in the bank

• How to find your restaurant’s true costs by category and then lower them

• How to cost out your recipes so that you make money on every menu item

• How to avoid profit-draining labor practices and take back control of your time clock

• What to do to ensure you are using your labor dollars in the right department at the right time

• Why employees who work more than one position in your restaurant have the greatest potential for time clock abuse

BONUS: Free – SMART Restaurant Operations Manual & Management Training Program ($1,997 value) via digital delivery.

David Scott Peters

Founder of the, David Scott Peters is a business expert and resource for independent restaurant owners. A former owner himself, he developed Smart System Pro, an online restaurant management software program. He is a speaker and consultant who specializes in identifying money-saving areas in operations that can improve profitability.