March 4 - 7, 2019
Exhibits Open: March 5, 2019
Las Vegas Convention Center

So, You Want to Open a Pizzeria

Workshop 01 (Fee: $250)

So, You Want to Open a Pizzeria, Part I: Getting Your Dream Off the Ground
With Michael Shepherd
Sunday, 1 – 5 pm

If you’re planning a new pizzeria — or contemplating a new unit — this workshop is a vital first step. Veteran pizza operator and consultant Michael Shepherd will show you what is needed to take your idea and turn it into a profitable reality. Michael will break down the huge task of opening a restaurant into bite-size chunks and work through each one with you. Finding the right location, selecting the proper equipment and understanding how to properly lay out and design your operation are among the topics covered. Take-home resources will include: a written guide for opening, with checklists and timelines; business plan templates; list of needed equipment, small wares and ingredients; a soft-opening invitation template.

Workshop 05 (Fee: $250)

So, You Want to Open a Pizzeria, Part II: Planning for Profitability
With Michael Shepherd
Monday, 8 am – 12 pm

Many pizzeria operators put an amazing amount of thought and work into their location, menu and marketing but don’t take the time to build out financial projections and plan their profit potential. Being profitable is a deliberate action that must be prepared well before you open the doors. Veteran pizza operator and consultant Michael Shepherd will show you in Part II how easy it is to build a comprehensive set of financial projections to share with potential investors and banks — and use to tell you how much money your concept can potentially make. Attendees also will be given take-home tools for properly engineering and costing out menus, building staff schedules and projecting labor costs.


Michael Shepherd
Michael Shepherd is a four-time World Pizza Champion who has owned and operated multiple pizzerias in Northwest Ohio, most recently Six Hundred Downtown in Bellafontaine. Over the past 21 years he has grown small-town locations into a multi-million dollar company by using nontraditional marketing methods, out-of-the-box thinking and a systemic approach to operations, staffing and public relations. He also works as a consultant to the pizzeria industry.


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More About This Workshop

Take home resources will include:

  • Written guide to opening a pizzeria w/ checklists and timelines
  • Business plan template
  • Financial projection spreadsheets with sample budgets and startup costs
  • Lists of needed and recommended equipment, small wares and ingredients
  • Soft-opening invitation template