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Derek SanchezOwner MiaMarco’s Pizza

My venture into pizza started in 2005 just prior to my family visit to Italy. I grew up in San Antonio Texas and was blessed to enjoy a local pizzeria with owners from New York that had an insane love for baking pies. The Lucca family of Lucca’s Pizza set the standard that began my quest. After a family tragedy at the age of 12, I moved away from San Antonio and the pizza I so loved was lost. From then on, everywhere I traveled, every town, or city I ventured to I would search for what I’d hope be something close to what I grew up with. In 2005 my job as a doctor/specialist in spine and joint led me to a small west Texas town to teach other doctors special treatment techniques. While on this trip, I finally found the pizza I searched for. I was blown away!!! It took me back to childhood, dinner with my family and the love of pizza I’ve had my whole life. I had one huge problem….I lived 400 miles away. The challenge was set. How do I make this at home? How do I make the best cheese pizza on the planet? Can’t be that hard….right?

My goal, from day one, was to produce one of the world’s best pizzas, a perfect cheese pizza. I named our pizzeria Mia Marco’s after my daughter Mia and son Marco with the slogan “A passion for perfection”. Mia and Marco are perfect creations! I constantly research all things pizza and still strive to learn, share, and understand the beauty of this most awesome craft. It is truly an honor and privilege to be included with the best pizzaiola on this planet.

Demo: NY Style Pizza

8/18/2021 11:30 AM

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