Thomas Garnick

Garnick is the Grand Prize winner of the 2019 Real California Pizza Contest with his Bandera de Fusion pizza representing the Mexican-Style category. This pizza, inspired by the Mexican flag, included pork carnitas, salsa verde and mole and featured four California-produced Hispanic-style cheese and dairy products – Oaxaca, asadero, cotija and crèma Mexicana.

Thomas Garnick is the owner and keeper of the flame of Sapore Concepts which have garnered many regional and local awards and mentions in the New York Times for their cuisine. including: Brava! Pizza, a highly acclaimed pizzeria in Denver, CO; Della Strata, an award-winning wood-fired focused full-service catering company; and forthcoming Noble Char, a wood-fired eatery focusing on fire and fermentation.

Thomas is a lifelong student and is on a mission to share the beautiful story of the bond of food, people and community. Since 2012 Thomas has been a mentor, instructor, and consultant to hundreds of individuals. Specializing in technique, recipe development, business startup, business operations, expansion and everything in between for wood-fired pizzeria operators and staff. “I continue to learn, experiment and push boundaries on a daily basis. Ultimately, I want to be able to share my experience, knowledge, and passion to help transforms individuals the same way the kiss of the fire transformed me.”


6/26/2020 3:00 PM
Room: International Pizza Challenge #2

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